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Share Trading

Ubuntu Invest offers you the ability to trade share derivatives at a fraction of the cost, 24 hours a day 5 days a week!

What is share trading?

Trading derivatives on shares gives you the full flexibility of making profit from share movements, without owning the underlying asset. This allows you much faster execution times to get in and out of trades, giving you more control than the traditional way.

Advantages of Share Trading with Ubuntu Invest

Ubuntu Invest offers very low cost for trading share derivatives, low spreads, very high liquidity and you effectively cut out the middle man so you keep your profits!

Shares are also available on all our platforms. Whether it be on PC, Mac, mobile or any web enabled device!

What is the difference between trading derivatives and shares?

The key difference is that derivatives are instruments that are secondary to an underlying asset. You are effectively trading the value of a share, and not the share itself. This allows for a lot of benefits to traders!

Trading derivatives allows for the use of leverage, which can give you significantly more profits.

Much faster execution times. If you have made enough profit from a share and now you want to close your trade, you can do so much quicker than traditional share trading. When trying to sell actual shares, you have to wait for someone willing to purchase from you. This can be very hard after a large upswing in the market.